Keeping Your Websites Fresh Using RSS Feeds

Posted on June 09, 2010 by BGM Article Team


One of the key ingredients to keeping your website listed high with the search engines today is fresh content. The internet is ever growing, and ever changing. The websites of yesterday that are static only HTML pages will start to fade away as more dynamic websites take their place. What is the difference between [...]

RSS Feeds May Be The Ultimate Growth Hormone For Cash Cows

Posted on June 08, 2010 by BGM Article Team


RSS, also known as rich site summary or real simply syndication, arrived on the scene a number of years ago, but was only recently embraced by webmasters as a means to effectively syndicate content. RSS Feeds provide webmasters and content providers an opportunity to present concise content summaries to prospective readers. Thousands of commercial web [...]

Doing RSS Feeds in 3 Steps

Posted on June 08, 2010 by BGM Article Team


It is very important for webmasters to make optimum use of RSS feeds in order to increase the popularity of their websites. The RSS feed secrets popularize your website or blog and eventually help in increasing the traffic to your website which will automatically increase the revenues. Besides, the RSS feeds must blend with the [...]

What You’re Not Doing With Your RSS Feed

Posted on June 07, 2010 by BGM Article Team


RSS feeds have yet to hit the mainstream, but they are beginning to appear on prominent web sites including CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, and even Google. While many sites are now publishing their own RSS feed, they fail to pursue the important step of promoting it. RSS feeds have been growing steadily in popularity throughout the [...]

Your RSS Feed Might Look Like Spam

Posted on June 06, 2010 by BGM Article Team


RSS feeds seem to be the breakout technology for the year. With more users turning to them for driving traffic to their site, it’s no wonder that a trail of RSS feed spam is following in the wake. A careful editing of your RSS feed could make the difference between being classified as genuine content [...]

Reading RSS Feeds With An RSS Aggregator

Posted on June 05, 2010 by BGM Article Team


RSS or Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is the latest information management tool that is gradually earning popularity among web users and website owners. With RSS technology, it is possible to get the latest postings from your favorite websites. But clicking on the RSS or XML button in a homepage is not enough [...]

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