When you need simply someone to talk to about your Business

Welcome to Biz Growth Mentor,

A Joint Venture between you and me

Biz Growth Mentor is a dedicated Web Portal for all things to do with Growing your Business and making educated business decisions to create a sustainable income

Here at BGM we make it our goal to educate and interact with New and Existing Small Business Owners to help them Market and grow their business cost effectively for the long Term…

Running a business should be fun and exciting.

Remember you are running the business up, you should not be letting the business run you down!!

Our Philosophy at BGM is to ensure that we get back to the basics with all business owners and their growth ideas.


  • Do you have the next world changing or life changing idea to make a real difference to the lives of many or even just you and your family?
  • Do you have an idea that you have been sitting on for far too long and would like to see this grow into a Life Long Legacy?
  • Do you have trouble talking to your family and friends about your business ideas?
  • Are you tried of exchanging your valuable time each and every week for a few dollars working in a mind numbing job?
  • Do you have unique talents and gifts that are lying dormant waiting to be explored and unearthed?
  • Do you get excited about the thought of working the hours that you want to, when you want to and with motivated, inspiring people?
  • Would you really like to start a new website for your business ideas or dreams, but just don’t know where to get started?
  • Are you completely stuck in a rut and need someone to help pull you out of it so you can get back to being who you really want to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then by chance or by fate as we like to see it, you have found the right community for you…

We can help you today.


  • Are you still working in your business and not on your business?
  • Do you have anyone to talk to about the Nuts and Bolts of your Business that you can trust and even further, who even cares?
  • Do you have fresh, exciting and new ideas for your business but simply do not how to implement them effectively or get them to the right Market?
  • Are you tired and run down from the daily grind of trying to keep your business above water and everyone else happy in the process?
  • Are you lacking focus and the energy to give your business the fresh make over it deserves and actually needs to be competitive in these over demanding times?
  • Have you spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Marketing and Promoting your Business to help it grow and you still don’t seem to be getting anywhere or achieve the results you were hoping to achieve?
  • Do you have all the free time you need to make the changes to your business to attract the right customers and to keep more money in your pocket each week?
  • Do you have problems trying to balance family commitments, friends and life in general with the short amount of hours in a day you need to dedicate to your Business Growth?
  • Have you forgotten why you even started your business and would like to inject some new Energy, Fresh Ideas and Enthusiasm into your Life and Business?
  • Do you need more quality and genuine people to help you with the daily tasks of your business?
  • Do you think that your business could be making a lot more profit than it currently is?
  • Are you lacking customers that are totally happy with your products and services and continue to purchase from you and refer you to their friends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then,

YOU really need someone to talk to about the nuts and bolts of your business

In Fact you just need someone who actually cares about what you are talking about and your dream or goals for your business

We know how hard it can be with so much on your plate. You can’t talk to your family and friends about your business because they don’t understand or it is the last thing they want to talk about is your work or business.

You find yourself in a corner with no one to talk to or run out of methods to find quick solutions to your problems or needs each day

Maybe you feel run down or just tired each and every day


At BGM we provide consulting and advice on a wide range of Business Growth Needs, Resources and Solutions

  • Business Growth Mentoring
  • Web Site Development
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Internet Marketing Solutions
  • Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Outsourcing & Delegating
  • Web Site Management
  • Business Plans & Mind Maps
  • Cash Flow Projections


Now is your time to take advantage of our Services, Community and Resources

Use the BGM Website to search for Ideas and Motivation to get your business started today.

Connect with BGM on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and start interacting with this quality community of genuine people…

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There are a variety of ways to get involved with the Biz Growth Team, so please, don’t be shy and make sure you that you start connecting today. This is the first step on your exciting new amazing journey.


If you really want to Fast Track your Business and Progress then be sure to check out our BIZ GROWTH MENTORING Service. This is where we take you by the hand and work 1 on 1 with you for 12 months to ensure that your Business Goals and Dreams are in full momentum.

This is a Platinum service and is limited to a handful of customers each and every year, so we can focus exclusively on your business needs and Business Development and Growth Needs


As a commitment to our customers, we will be bringing together the foremost Business Growth Experts from around the world to share their journey, tools, traffic methods and resources with the community.

This will fast track your education and you can learn from the world’s best about the latest and greatest web traffic methods that work. Business is a great way to break free from the cycle of pay checks and as such what worked yesterday does not work today, so it will pay to stay informed and up to date…

If you are an Expert at Business Development and Business Growth or if you know of anyone that has a gift of growing business then let them know about this community… Now is the time for you to Shine and create long lasting relationships with customers who really need your Expertise and Services now…..

If you are interested in Becoming an Expert Web Traffic Blogger then please visit our EXPERT GUEST BLOG WRITERS PAGE and Fill out the application form !!

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